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Exclusive LCFS CCM Analysis – Available to paid Premium newsletter subscribers beginning November 8, 2018

The Credit Clearance Market (CCM) provision of the LCFS program aims to match LCFS credit holders with Regulated Entities (REs) who have insufficient credits to meet their obligation at the end of the compliance year. The CCM price cap has also become the high-end benchmark for LCFS credits. LCFS credit prices are approaching the CCM cap, begging the questions: What will it take for the CCM to be effective? What factors will play into an RE’s decision to participate in the CCM? What effect will a shrinking LCFS credit bank have on the CCM’s ability to contain the ceiling price? Will credit holders offer credits into the CCM at a price that is capped? To what extent could deficit-holding REs depend on the CCM to cover their compliance deficits? Premium subscribers to Stillwater’s LCFS Newsletter gain access to our exclusive, expert market analysis answering these questions.

Weekly LCFS Newsletter

Published each Wednesday, the Weekly LCFS Newsletter is a snapshot of the current LCFS credit price trend. The Weekly also takes a look at recent news on the LCFS in California, and the progress of LCFS-style adoption in other states and countries. View a sample of the Weekly LCFS Newsletter here.

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Published the third Tuesday of every month, the Monthly LCFS Newsletter starts with a review of the monthly credit price trend and the latest LCFS news. In addition, CARB’s monthly credit transaction summary is included along with Stillwater’s own analysis of credit transaction developments. The final section is the Monthly Highlight, an analysis of recent events in the LCFS that will give subscribers valuable long-term insight into the program. View a sample of the Monthly LCFS Newsletter here.

Quarterly LCFS Newsletter

Published on the second Thursday after CARB releases the updated data from the LCFS Reporting Tool (LRT), the Quarterly LCFS Newsletter is Stillwater’s analysis of the credit and deficit data from the LRT. The data analysis provides insight into credit and deficit generation trends, low carbon intensity (CI) fuel use trends, and potential future developments. The highlight of the Quarterly is Stillwater’s expert examination of the issues around the LCFS. This analysis delves into specific topics like New Pathways, Advanced Biofuels Penetration, and Interaction with the Renewable Fuel Standard. View a sample of the Quarterly LCFS Newsletter here.

The Premium Membership also includes access the to Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly LCFS Newsletter Archives.